* La Grande Vie *

La Grande Vie is the big life don't you know?

La Grande Vie is wandering around streets with nothing but a great photographer and a bag full of candy.
La Grande Vie is changing in hidden corners.
La Grande Vie is not giving a damn! Being a rebel in your own cause...
La Grande Vie is feeling the intensity of your biggest desires, doing what you do best!
La Grand Vie is friends, getting dressed-up, wine & fun ... It is a great ball indeed.
La Grand Vie is knowing that things are far better done than imagined.

Somewhere between vintage earrings, statement belts, floaty shirts & all the personal meaning of it - is where my cocoon can be found... Nothing feels better than breaking it with the most marvelous wings and fly fly fly through this endless afternoon.

That's exactly what Oli & I did!
In the wonderful company of Rostislav Rusinov & his big big... Wait! Did I say big already? Big camera!



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