The rain finally gave us a break - Thanks mate - and so I spent my day at the park...
At home I noticed something, they still there. Who? Them... those 3 boxes that have been watching me from the table for the last few days. And so there, between this  brutally pleasant weather and a fresh bottle of Somersby I decided it was the perfect occasion to open them... The 3 boxes and an envelop... I've heard about this envelop. 

Oh and a Time Out! But I've already seen it...

It was with big enthusiasm I received the first contact from Time Out! I absolutely adore this magazine that has an amazing cultural impact in diverse areas and wonderful to-do & to-see suggestions in capitals all over the globe! I was featured in the " The style of..." section, and if there is a thing that I like to defend is the idea of personal sense of style. Sense of style that is born, conquered and that grows with you. Being part of a generation in which we all suck from the same tit - Inter Net - is hard for the milk to taste different, and so for a soul to find its own loneliness called idiosyncrasies. Is in this breeze of individuality that one finds the myth of "style”. Books, music, movies, crazy parties, heart breaks & mends, lazy hangovers or simply a nice view down my window: It all becomes part of the equation of what I wear, who I am.

* Ohmmm *

I get shy

" The style of..."

#1 box: Wonderful gift from HODIE

#2 box: IN <3 WITH BAGUERA

Interactive Invitation for LUX birthday party

#3 box: * Wut? *

That's right... Baguera sent me an extra gift for a GI-GI-GIVEAWAY!

The rules will be released.... really soon!


Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) said...

Awesome! Nice magazine feature! And I didn't like the earrings at first glace, but when I saw them on you I liked them in a half of a second!

NCONIXO said...

Lovely page :) I have recently created a blog myself so I was hoping you would have a look at it. Let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


Alena Vorontsova said...

Great post!)I like your blog!Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

NCONIXO said...

Relocated my page :)

Follow my new blog at www.nconixo.com