The rain finally gave us a break - Thanks mate - and so I spent my day at the park...
At home I noticed something, they still there. Who? Them... those 3 boxes that have been watching me from the table for the last few days. And so there, between this  brutally pleasant weather and a fresh bottle of Somersby I decided it was the perfect occasion to open them... The 3 boxes and an envelop... I've heard about this envelop. 

Oh and a Time Out! But I've already seen it...

It was with big enthusiasm I received the first contact from Time Out! I absolutely adore this magazine that has an amazing cultural impact in diverse areas and wonderful to-do & to-see suggestions in capitals all over the globe! I was featured in the " The style of..." section, and if there is a thing that I like to defend is the idea of personal sense of style. Sense of style that is born, conquered and that grows with you. Being part of a generation in which we all suck from the same tit - Inter Net - is hard for the milk to taste different, and so for a soul to find its own loneliness called idiosyncrasies. Is in this breeze of individuality that one finds the myth of "style”. Books, music, movies, crazy parties, heart breaks & mends, lazy hangovers or simply a nice view down my window: It all becomes part of the equation of what I wear, who I am.



"Shoot shoot shoot
Bang- Bang - Bang!
Now turn a little to your left, exactly... Now show us the bag & work your eyes! 
Attitude... Go Go Go!
Great, we got one!"

I must confess that when I was first contacted by Baguera my nipples peeked, my knees failed and my Elvis-wonderful-pelvis has rocked by the heroin of pure excitement.
In this algebra universe mostly divided between the season of Fashion Weeks and great Vintage findings that rule my ordinary sense of taste, I stop and ask: What would be of us without amazing brands like Baguera that definately should get more attention? I'll let y'all think about the answer & bake myself a pie.
With exquisite earrings,marvelous necklaces, to-die-for rings and clutches that I won't even mention... Baguera is a brand with a transcendental taste,view & materials.
No diabetic inside a candy shop & not even a junkie meeting his best dealer could ever-EVA compete with the hot'n'fun sensation that flows into the veins of a fashion addict when confronted with functionality united with originality - Join the force.
So that's pretty much it dear Masturbators...
As Da Chick once said: Let me introduce you to my side of the fun!

"-Oh my God! Your boobs are out!
- Yes, and so is the necklace...on the website."

Oh this one...It's a wonderful color orgy!

* Au revoir *

Creative Director and Styling: Branca Cuvier
Model: Damara Inglês
PR & REP: Catarina Lancastre Valente
Photography: Matilde Travassos