* Quimio *

Hello dear Masturbators,
I know momma has been out for a while but bought you lots of souvenirs: Lovely projects, later-to-be-told news and... (drums for suspense)... FASHION WEEK!
But first let me tell a story of wich I chose no to speak  about earlier.
A few months ago I received 2 mesages trough the Fashion Masturbation that surely spinned my me round like a record, baby. And for them, after doing a little thinking, I randomly got the answers.

1st one: Hello dear... how cute are you.... I understand that by your shaved head you must be sick so... How is your cancer?

- In this, small headead, unself perspectived and most of all Cancerigenous society  Fashion is my Godamned quimio! 

When you suffer of a disease as big as spoiled mind, you definately need to get treatment!

Oh well, moving on...

2nd one:  Religion...Religion... MASTURBATION?!.... You need to save yourself. God, want help?

-  Just not to  start with the hole thing that "Masturbation constitutes a grave moral disorder" is very old concept, I will instead explain how my concept of masturbation here presented is directly & strictly connected to Fashion... Oh what a Godless bitch!
In the religion of the square-minded-mono-mentallity-seekers ...I ought to announce myself as the fucking Anti-Christ!

Sometimes I like to entertain myself imagining a dimension where the grass is green, sky is blue & in wich one can walk around literally "free-styled" but then I wake to find myself in a channel where not even what I consider  normal is (normal) enough for them.
- But...hey! This is what the do to us.
- What?


What can we do? Rise from our thombs.
Fingers full of rings sprouting from the bare earth...
Followed by exquisite outfits, marvelous shoes and dreammy make-up.
In the name of masturbation I shall shout: REBORN TO BE FREE!

Day 1

By Oli 

By Oli part #2

Spread your wings and fly by Oli part # 3

Where the wild things are

Mirror mirror on the floor...

Perfect strager

Tiago looking good!

Pretending to be distracted


Ricardo is back!

Even you Kitty?!

Matias- the birthday boy *

Little birds

F**king magic

My precious

Say what?! Hotter than ever

Tiago & I & Ricardo

Norberto & I

Rabbit Hole parteyyyy

Shit Show 

The Dj

Watchatalkin' bout?

Sush a cuttie dog

Day 1 Outfit:
Jumper- Viúva Alegre
Earrings- feira da Ladra
Bodysuit at the party- Luanda (Fardo)
Shoes- Somewhere in Paris

Day 2

by Diário de Lisboa

1st row

The oldest & coolest blogger I know

Oli & I

by Facehunter

Outfit day 2:
Turban- Luanda
Top- H&M
Jack- A Outrra Face da Lua
Skinny jeans- Loja do Velho
Earrings- Feira da Ladra
Lipstick- Pure magic

Day 3


V!TOR  part 2

Ricardo & I

Ricardo & I part100000

by Facehunter
Tiago & Filipe Quaresma
Dino Alves - The beginning 

Got me back

Marvelous shoes

The absolut vodka

João & His clone & I

Just the 3 of us

Lovely cape


Irina & I

What shoul we do?

1- Say hi to the creepy hand

2- Get the drink

3- Yummi

Off to go


The Parteyyyy
And as always, what happens in Fashion Week after party shall remain in Fashion Week after party... 

<3 ~*~ SHOOT FOR BLESS ~*~<3

A great invitation that ended up in the funniest and laid-backish shoot!
With Ricardo Cardoso, Maria Teresa Lucas, Norberto Mateus, Gone Monteiro & I as the "Cool kids of Lisbon"
These marvelous shirts are avaible both in black  & white HERE!