The rain finally gave us a break - Thanks mate - and so I spent my day at the park...
At home I noticed something, they still there. Who? Them... those 3 boxes that have been watching me from the table for the last few days. And so there, between this  brutally pleasant weather and a fresh bottle of Somersby I decided it was the perfect occasion to open them... The 3 boxes and an envelop... I've heard about this envelop. 

Oh and a Time Out! But I've already seen it...

It was with big enthusiasm I received the first contact from Time Out! I absolutely adore this magazine that has an amazing cultural impact in diverse areas and wonderful to-do & to-see suggestions in capitals all over the globe! I was featured in the " The style of..." section, and if there is a thing that I like to defend is the idea of personal sense of style. Sense of style that is born, conquered and that grows with you. Being part of a generation in which we all suck from the same tit - Inter Net - is hard for the milk to taste different, and so for a soul to find its own loneliness called idiosyncrasies. Is in this breeze of individuality that one finds the myth of "style”. Books, music, movies, crazy parties, heart breaks & mends, lazy hangovers or simply a nice view down my window: It all becomes part of the equation of what I wear, who I am.



"Shoot shoot shoot
Bang- Bang - Bang!
Now turn a little to your left, exactly... Now show us the bag & work your eyes! 
Attitude... Go Go Go!
Great, we got one!"

I must confess that when I was first contacted by Baguera my nipples peeked, my knees failed and my Elvis-wonderful-pelvis has rocked by the heroin of pure excitement.
In this algebra universe mostly divided between the season of Fashion Weeks and great Vintage findings that rule my ordinary sense of taste, I stop and ask: What would be of us without amazing brands like Baguera that definately should get more attention? I'll let y'all think about the answer & bake myself a pie.
With exquisite earrings,marvelous necklaces, to-die-for rings and clutches that I won't even mention... Baguera is a brand with a transcendental taste,view & materials.
No diabetic inside a candy shop & not even a junkie meeting his best dealer could ever-EVA compete with the hot'n'fun sensation that flows into the veins of a fashion addict when confronted with functionality united with originality - Join the force.
So that's pretty much it dear Masturbators...
As Da Chick once said: Let me introduce you to my side of the fun!

"-Oh my God! Your boobs are out!
- Yes, and so is the necklace...on the website."

Oh this one...It's a wonderful color orgy!

* Au revoir *

Creative Director and Styling: Branca Cuvier
Model: Damara Inglês
PR & REP: Catarina Lancastre Valente
Photography: Matilde Travassos


Fashionfreax - a - holic

Great day today with lovely news!
I first heard of Fashionfreax during ModaLisboa a few seasons ago - An amazing style platform where you can share your daily looks or simply inspiring outfits with a MARVELOUS community...
Since then I'm a fan. And of course that when I was invited to participate on they Mobile app video I didn't need to think twice!
The video is divided in 3 actions with 3 different Portugal based bloggers 

- Hella from AmberHella
- Mafalda from Never Stop Dreaming
- And...oui, moi!

So let's make a toast drowned in vodka! It calls for a celebration dear Masturbators... for we are officialy going Internacional!

* Tchim Tchim *

And oh! The action in which I'm inserted runs in Alexandra Moura's store... Isn't that badass jacket a beauty?


* Quimio *

Hello dear Masturbators,
I know momma has been out for a while but bought you lots of souvenirs: Lovely projects, later-to-be-told news and... (drums for suspense)... FASHION WEEK!
But first let me tell a story of wich I chose no to speak  about earlier.
A few months ago I received 2 mesages trough the Fashion Masturbation that surely spinned my me round like a record, baby. And for them, after doing a little thinking, I randomly got the answers.

1st one: Hello dear... how cute are you.... I understand that by your shaved head you must be sick so... How is your cancer?

- In this, small headead, unself perspectived and most of all Cancerigenous society  Fashion is my Godamned quimio! 

When you suffer of a disease as big as spoiled mind, you definately need to get treatment!

Oh well, moving on...

2nd one:  Religion...Religion... MASTURBATION?!.... You need to save yourself. God, want help?

-  Just not to  start with the hole thing that "Masturbation constitutes a grave moral disorder" is very old concept, I will instead explain how my concept of masturbation here presented is directly & strictly connected to Fashion... Oh what a Godless bitch!
In the religion of the square-minded-mono-mentallity-seekers ...I ought to announce myself as the fucking Anti-Christ!

Sometimes I like to entertain myself imagining a dimension where the grass is green, sky is blue & in wich one can walk around literally "free-styled" but then I wake to find myself in a channel where not even what I consider  normal is (normal) enough for them.
- But...hey! This is what the do to us.
- What?


What can we do? Rise from our thombs.
Fingers full of rings sprouting from the bare earth...
Followed by exquisite outfits, marvelous shoes and dreammy make-up.
In the name of masturbation I shall shout: REBORN TO BE FREE!

Day 1

By Oli 

By Oli part #2

Spread your wings and fly by Oli part # 3

Where the wild things are

Mirror mirror on the floor...

Perfect strager

Tiago looking good!

Pretending to be distracted


Ricardo is back!

Even you Kitty?!

Matias- the birthday boy *

Little birds

F**king magic

My precious

Say what?! Hotter than ever

Tiago & I & Ricardo

Norberto & I

Rabbit Hole parteyyyy

Shit Show 

The Dj

Watchatalkin' bout?

Sush a cuttie dog

Day 1 Outfit:
Jumper- Viúva Alegre
Earrings- feira da Ladra
Bodysuit at the party- Luanda (Fardo)
Shoes- Somewhere in Paris

Day 2

by Diário de Lisboa

1st row

The oldest & coolest blogger I know

Oli & I

by Facehunter

Outfit day 2:
Turban- Luanda
Top- H&M
Jack- A Outrra Face da Lua
Skinny jeans- Loja do Velho
Earrings- Feira da Ladra
Lipstick- Pure magic

Day 3


V!TOR  part 2

Ricardo & I

Ricardo & I part100000

by Facehunter
Tiago & Filipe Quaresma
Dino Alves - The beginning 

Got me back

Marvelous shoes

The absolut vodka

João & His clone & I

Just the 3 of us

Lovely cape


Irina & I

What shoul we do?

1- Say hi to the creepy hand

2- Get the drink

3- Yummi

Off to go


The Parteyyyy
And as always, what happens in Fashion Week after party shall remain in Fashion Week after party... 

<3 ~*~ SHOOT FOR BLESS ~*~<3

A great invitation that ended up in the funniest and laid-backish shoot!
With Ricardo Cardoso, Maria Teresa Lucas, Norberto Mateus, Gone Monteiro & I as the "Cool kids of Lisbon"
These marvelous shirts are avaible both in black  & white HERE!