Ladies & Gentleman, Maturbators & Fornicators...
We are gathered here  today to witness the announcement of the winner of Fashion Masturbation's very first Giveaway.
With one hand on the bible & other on the pants, the winner shall promise to honor & wear this sunnies with full don't-give-a-damness!
I wish everyone could win,but finger miracles don't go that far. (yet)
For those who didn't win - don't let the american high-school loser syndrome burn your brains for there are a lot of amazing glasses expecting you in a very very veeeery good price... After all that's what PARTYGLASSES is about!

But 1st I must thank my propaganda personas *

Mars Messenger 

 Heart- twins

& Mister Mustache Officer 
And the winner is...
Miss Shopie Mexiquer, the crown is yours

Purple rose, purple roooose...

I've already shown PURPLE ROSE, the most charming Erotic Boutique located both in Bairro Alto & Pensão Amor - another place I've already posted here!
A lovely boutique with the most amazing products where lovely vibrators &  Poppers, Amazing designer clothes & Wicked masks get together to dance.
So easy math (if it could ever be easy) :


Round & Round like a record baby

Purple Rose written by strawberry flavored pen

Tiago & I

Perfect strangers #1

Perfect strangers #2

Perfect strangers #3

Perfect strangers #4

Purple Rose's cake

Tiago & I & Rosa ( the owner) & Filipe 

Making it rain

Pole dancin' #1

Swingin' my tail


Tiago & Flavored pen & Volunteer arm



Lovely Sir & I

Lovely Sir #2 & Us

Filipe setting the world on fire

 * Le Fantastic 3 *

Sneak pic of shoot with some of Purple Rose pieces (more & making of in 2 weeks)

Photographer: José Ferreira
Model: Marta Mendes
Styling: Me & Maria Benedita


Video about my favorite vintage store - Feira da Ladra by Público.pt

Lovely bonnet 


Márcia Pereira said...

awn sempre fabulosa asdefrgtyh


Steven Brown said...

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Steven B.

Giovanna Vieira said...

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