1st Giveaway - PARTYGLASSES!

Well well well... Big news day,today!
As we know, we all end up selling our asses sooner or later, some literally and others not.
I sold mine to PARTYGLASSES long time ago when I first bought some bad ass Lady Gaga-ish at Paparazzi sunnies! Great replicas of the most-marvelous-loudest sunglasses at a low low price.
Today, my dear readers,  I am very glad to share this kind of prostitution with you... 
So put on your fishnet stockings, awful make up & get ready to rock the streets because our 1st  DAMN GIVE AWAY IS HERE!!! 

To participate & win any pair of PARTY-badass-GLASSES all you have to do is follow the indications available on Fashion Masturbation GIVEAWAY 

Good luck Masturbators <3

1 comment:

Claudia Chitas Neto said...

Lovely Cateye sunnies!!!