Oh well, how to start what will at first sound like a breakup?
Fashion Masturbation was never ment to be a blog.
Fashion Maturbation, as a fashion-masturbator, is a view, a fantasy. A way of love for fashion but also a way of feeling&experiencing it in general.
A born child of the pure pleasure of fornicating with the self, Fashion Masturbation is not here to bore me or concern you - It's supposed to make everyone come.
By this time about a year ago I was suffering of excruciating pain. Pain from the mental dilatation and fashion contractions that occurred in my "Mindgina" by giving birth to this fatherless child.
As I grew up Fashion Masturbation started to give its firsts steps, interviews, stylings, followers and more yet to come...
As so, it shall show its grown cherished with more shoes, shows,more projects,muuuuuuuch more amazing vintage stores! More not giving a damn!...More vodka.
More zoo!
More furs!
This sweet child of mine shall grow strong&healthy until its old enough to drink in America! (Damn it!)
So I must warn you , dear readers, to prepare your fingers : either to join&enjoy or to point&censure.
Because as we all know - haters gonna, must certainly, hate.
To the 80's!
To randomly ordered pictures of the last months!
To Piaggi!
To shameless masturbation!

To you.


Hello stranger

Ricardo & Lola & Norberto

"Água de Valencia"

Hands up, mate!

Poor Norberto lost his hat...



"Me & my creator"

Ricardo & Luiz

Warming up

Erykah & Cabaret

Screw them bootylicious bitches

I keeps it grime


I need this jack!

Shame on you

Did you eat all the cake?



Or does she?


"Come on boots..."

The person that took this picture knows why, don't you João?

Do I?

No more wine for you miss

Paredes de Coura

The neighbourhood 
The backyard
The pool

Ricardo's masterpiece

My masterpiece 

Who in hell goes to a Festival and ends up in an hotel?

Oh well...The show must go on.

Thank you Daniel
Hell yeah <3


Karen Ussene said...

These pictures are so much fun!
Devido aos vossos outfits styles, faz-me lembrar os anos 90's... oohhh how I miss the 90's.

Nobre Sandra said...

Tu és muito bonita *.* Continua a manter-nos actualizados, também quero ver este blog a crescer até ter idade para beber nos States!

http://nobresonho.blogspot.pt/ - Giveaway

João Almeida said...

ahahah, you love my skills for take some pics!
don't be notty, you always revenge me here!

by the way I love you! <3

Mariana Amaral said...

Eh eh crazyness :)