Oh, so cliché!

Proserpina, daughter of Júpiter, has been kidnapped! -  The first cold days of the season are here... Rabbits&ferrets rush to hide and squirrels hibernate in ways of not becoming the most desirable fur coats. Boots can now see the light and sandals shall be burried under the earth of our closets - Hallelujah!

But these aren't the only good news,folks!
My first article finally came out on the fisrt number of VOH Lexicon, and let me tell you I couldn't be more thrilled - Voh ( http://issuu.com/vohmagazine/docs/voh_lexicon  )is a very contemporany and humoristic magazine that gathers together creatives in several differents areas all around the Globe...
So sure is a pleasure to be part of what has the power to change.

Oh well,here is the article and a song I must dedicate to the main symptom of cold cold days... FEVER!

"We are really happy having to present in our first volume work from the crazy blogger Damara Ingles and her contemporary fashion perspective."


Oh,so cliché

Fashion never had such lack of orientation and most certainly has never been sodear to observe...Without a line like the 20's flapper dress or the 80's shoulders. With no really unifying cause as the Vietnam war or the Feminism; With no Black Panthers or up coming Punk movement we finally said goodbye to the dress codes that defined a certain decade and so a mentality.In an era in which not wearing a bra doesn't define you as a frivolous feminist and Dr. Martens don't point you out as a terrible punk, what is there left to come?
The complete and floating freedom of the wear that flies and opens a door to a completely different universe with bubbles in which one can be 20's 60's and 80's all in one outfit. Why not if we can be "ourselves"and as Marilyn Monroe said " I'd rather be completely ridiculous than completely boring"? Because it depends of how ridiculous the ridiculous is!
As any artist feeds a "self" that will be degraded and funneled into the work of art in progress having in consideration the colors, forms, materials and most importantly the meaning or the assumed total absence of it. When we wear, for those who wear for pleasure, the same process occurs.
In this perspective "ridiculous" isn't the fat lady on a tube dress.
The ridiculous lays on the self-infidelity and on the constant fornication with "What will society think" and "How can I shock them more"... A very confusing and contradicted menage à trois.
The "Be yourself" movement became the new war of coming out of the closet, or better coming out with everything of the closet. A giant crowd running in the highest high-less heels and feather crowns screaming for what is supposed to be the liberation of the wear when in reality we are enclosing the self on the cage of what is cool and what is mainstream. And is in this run-a-way from the mainstream that we find our new uniform - mainstream-less is the mainstream-est.
This uniform that doesn't just define what to like, taste, share or comment but more importantly what to wear.
In this scenario even I would rather be as boring as Dior after Galliano.

After all what's the sense of being "yourself" of a self that isn't even yours?

Damara Inglês 


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