"-Did you text the store?!
-Yes, do you have the jewellery?
-Not yet! Where the fuck is the fur? Where is the fuuuur... (fall)
- Bummer! Did you have to wear heels today?!"

And that's how Ricardo and I spent the last week - running hardly ( speaking for me), carrying heavy bags and sweating like crazy in this extremely hot by day & extremely windy by night weather.
From Avenida da Liberdade to get the clothes, passing by a vintage store to get the white jacket and ending up in Príncipe Real for the blankets we didn't even use.
All this to come together with a photo-shoot in wich we both came up with the styling...
This session represents an extract of what Gypsy would represent for us, not just visually but also as change. Gypsy as cicle of constant cultural change that translates into clothing -  globalization of the wear.
In a way we are all gypsies mixing influences and trends,from hindu jewellery to fox fur.
The curiosity & exploration of a culture caused by the simple wear of an especific piece.
Africa, Asia, America and even alien inspirated.
Wearing China or  steping on the Moon - "Fashion-travelling" all around the loon!

Photo: José Ferreira
Model: Tamsin Oldroyd (Central Models)
Styling: Damara Inglês & Ricardo Cardoso
Make up: Ana André
Assistant: Mafalda Especial & Joana Teixeira

Business apart, simple equation:
H&M body teasing me for a long time + sales = we all loooove when bitches go cheaper.

Lovely top from Lubagó

Watch out, Zara is out

"Cheesiest pictures ever"
Starring Hello Kitty & Rolleys


Enough of Kitty


Anonymous said...

tens sempre fotos fantásticas. o editorial é deslumbrante

TwinManiacs said...

gostamos muito e já estamos a seguir.

esperemos que também gostes do nosso.


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Just found your blog honey. It's amazing. And I think you are amazing, you've a beautiful face!!!

Hope you'll visit me, I will be really grateful :)
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