All the girl standing in the line for the bathroom

I know, I know... I'm as alarming late as a teenage pregnant girl period!
As we all know my friends aren't exactly the "bitch-slapping-beer-drinkin-babes-taker" kind of men and as so we went to the GAY PARADEDE! Lovely night, weather, music and some of the sexiest guys I've seen lately that it makes my heart hurt... What is a life of a girl in this industry but a succession of sexy men complimenting your make-up or saying " Damn girrrl, you're rocking those 12inches heels!"
From Queen to Nomi - why can't it be every weekend?!
Oh well... found Mars.

Mars, is that you?

Line for the bathroom

Line for the bathroom part II



Norberto's green hair & Tiago

Define "fun"

Oh fun indeed

Found Victoria's kept secret

Ricardo Aço & Rafael

Even Mario was there!

Mario - the sexiest of them all

"João leave Britney alooone"

"How embarassing"

Coca-cola?! Now that's it.

1- Finally found the blue lipstick I so craved for!
2- FInally bought the pink jacket that has been flirting with me in the past few weeks!
3- finally learned how to roll a turban!
4- Finally stole my sister's bracelets
5 - It calls for a park day...
Lovely & fun to take pictures by Emman ( will miss you Ordinária)

Sun-sun on my eyes

*Tomorrow I shall be "Alive" if you know what I mean...Santigold, Miss Kittin, Justice and  so soooo much more!

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