Sweet like cinnamon

With marvelous hats, Lana Del Rey's annoying song and two sexy-thangs that could take the place of any model on American's Next Top Model I went to the beach.. After spending our afternoon  jumping 3 beaches looking for the perfect one we ended up not finding it. But the good thing is that on the way we took lots of pictures and oh well we went on a spiritual journey with giant ice creams, paper boats and even a red carpet! As nothing is perfect I had to finish the day in one of Cascais lovely vintage stores and fall in love with a fur jacket that I didn't get for both heat and brokenness, but next week this grey baby shall have a new and very loving home!
Tomorrow belongs to me.

The beach,bitch

Emman & I


America's Next Top Model

Tan tan taaaan

Have a seat

"Cannes who?" 

Prom queens 

Digital Harinezumi

"No doubt - don't speak" moment

Mirror mirror on the wall

Tough balls

Santa baby...

New project on Fashion Masturbation -"La Petite Mort "

P.S- The address of the vintage store visited on the last post : Rua São José Nº25 (Restauradores)


Papercuts said...

Bem,deixa cá ver se não me esqueço de dizer nada:
Adorei as fotos da praia, estão mesmo brutais e os chapéus são to die for!
Amei o momento No Doubt! Dá mesmo vontade de agarrar numa laranja e fazer aquela carinha de abandonada que a Gwen faz xD
Deixas-me sempre com inveja- também quero ir a essas lojas vintage!!

Ana Rita d'Almeida said...

As fotografias estão brutais!!!

Bisou D.

Anonymous said...

Gostei imenso das fotos da praia! Estão simplesmente fantásticas :)

Anonymous said...

mais que perfeito! irreverente, bold e fresh!! não mudava nada. tens um estilo impecável!
seguidora ;)