Such a perfect day

It has been such a perfect day, with no drinking sangria in the park or feeding animals in the zoo.
Oh such a perfect day with new vintage pants and leopard shoes...
A perfect day that results of the intersection of the four past days, where the green haired me meets the lavender haired me for a day in the park and go watch together  a street performance. And then went shopping? Why not? Four days like isolated details that if all found together in a dress would surely be a Galliano.
With the silk-a-like wind, the liquid texture and the trees sound impersonating the sea I find this park absolutely seducing.

Just like Britney Spears after shaving her head, everything deserves a chance... same for clothes!An outfit is much more than just 3 pieces and cool shoes.The Ugly Duck project is here to prove that every-single-cheesy-libido-killing-piece can be twisted into something wow when mixed with good will.
When the formula:  above the knee skirt + not-really-high-silver-heels + fake crystal shirt   got to my subconscious I honestly tough it to be a bomb, the kind of bomb that affects you long therm... that asks for months watching the most brilliant runway shows and fashion shoots in ways to get your style integrity back.
This outfit that would be translated into visual boredom by my brain has became the most fresh and floating visual experience I've had lately. Not the "YOU BITCH" kind of outfit but a beautiful aura singing and dancing trough the air. I could be watching her for years...

No perfect day could ever be perfect without vintage shopping...
There is no better sensation than waking up horny for A Outra Face da Lua 5 euros days!
Going to bed  thinking " Tomorrow Mom will excuse me but I will swing 20 euros out of that credit card and get myself 4 new  lovers!".
 Oh well don't blame me, don't blame ninfos and don't blame junkies... Blame lovely vintage, blame sex-sells society and dealers.
For the first time in a long time I bough actual pants without a gun pointing my head...
These pants has been haunting me like street walkers chewing their gums and rocking their heels. As  they lowered their price I couldn't resist so I made it rain.

Speaking of vintage... As if capitalism programmed I always end up smelling this old sense in the air that leads me to vintage stores. This time my trail took me to a brand new store that has just opened the doors like a bakery letting that exhilarating scent leave.
Great scenario and lovely owner and marvelous earrings... This store got me with Guns n Roses rocking the radio!

Address: Rua São José Nº25 ( Restauradores)

Where is Holly?

Lovely earrings

Off to Mars 


Danica said...

Your haircut is amazing! Love your style, I'm following you!

Mary Got Out said...

Um dia levas-me numa excursão a essas lojas. Eu perco-me e de certeza que nos perdiamos em fotos :)

Daniel said...

cutez ugly ducks!
Vintage earrings Orgiastic!!

Vanessa said...

adorei o teu blog! e essa loja é um sonho

Ana said...

hey good posts. adorei a loja, podes me dizer onde fica? thanks

Damara Ingles said...

The address of the vintage store visited on thispost : Rua São José Nº25 (Restauradores)

Sara said...

Damara, antes de mais queria dar os parabéns pelo blog, é fantástico.
Adoro a tua maneira de vestir, é pessoal e única, uma verdadeira inspiração!
Posso só fazer umas perguntas?!
Quais são as lojas onde costumas comprar as tuas roupas!?
Quais são as lojas de segunda mão/vintage às quais costumas ir!?
Obrigada e espero que continues assim, fiel a ti mesma, pois é lindíssimo de se ver!
Tem um bom dia :)

Damara Ingles said...

Olá Sara, antes de mais nada muito obrigada por vires ao meu blog e por deixares um comentário tão positivo!
Compro a minha roupa em várias lojas, nomeadamente zara e h&m. Mas uma boa parte das peças que uso no dia-a-dia são vintage...compro n'A Outra Face da Lua, no Ás de Espadas,em lojas vintage em cascais e claro na ilustre Feira da Ladra