Off to Mars

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."

After almost being attacked by a "Earthy" I thought to myself that is time for us aliens to get the due respect from the slaves of the ordinary that inhabit this planet so called Earth. Is time for us to push them out of their closets and for it we must go to war! The war of outrageous outfits, loud make ups  and not giving a damn attitude. Our wars are not made of guns or bombs, but of heels and lace. 
 So with my wedding dress, sangria in one hand and leopard shoes on the other I rocked the streets that are mine to rock! After all, sense of style is an individual thing to have.
So long to the planet of financial crisis, lack of individuality and cheezy trends.
With Miss Kittin as my own scream war I'm...
Off to Mars!

My childhood crush - Super Mario

Say what?!

Like 'em big

Pensão do Amor


Moi je joue 

From now on blame the lazy pictures on vodka

I'm in heaven


Bitch please...

Going down

Join the army

Perfect stranger #1

Gabriel Valeixo

American boy rocking the bling bling

Au revoir

Sunday Morning

I believe I can fly...

Santos Populares are coming!


Daniel said...

All your photos bring me a warmth , "nice feeling" , nice vibes to me ! Peace,peace,peace,peace,peace,peace,peace and luv,luv,luv,luv,luv,luv,luv,luv * A motherfuckin' rich bitch xxx

Daniel said...

"you're Italian vogue" HOOTCHIE

MJ said...

Lá diz a célebre frase: Uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras. Mesmo sendo um post comprido, as fotos são fantásticas e falam por si. E A-MEI o teu vestido!

hugs&Chanel kisses

Diana Nunez Pereira said...

Parabéns pelo teu blog!
Verdadeiramente algo diferente de tudo o que já vi!
adorei o look!

Márcia said...

adorei, adorei ! finalmente encontro um blog portugues que demonstre muito mais que futilidades, parabéns tens uma pinta descomunal, adoro ! :)