"Like a fucking Fénix I shall masturbate my way out of the ashes..."

After more than a month without posting I really missed this dearly Fashion Masturbation of mine!
Fighting my schizophrenic computer,  Mister "Your-pictures-will-not-be-uploaded-by-order" (also known as blogger) and their evil partner "Ups and downs" that people love to call internet, feels like home!
Fashion is embracing me with new challenges and projects but trust me ,styling and writing are not easy to tame animals...
I was in Angola for a few days and I couldn't take my camera to the places I visited this time but... here are a few pictures of Elinga - a lovely cultural space,club, whatever you want it to mean to you.

A candongueiro


"Take it, will relieve the pain"

Took it indeed

Nice cigar

Sexy-bro & his girlfriend 

Game over.

Mamie's perfumes smell like heaven

Speaking of heaven...


Luanda was wonderful but Lisbon sure has its charm...
Lisbon took me as one of its children and presented me with the most lovely weather and the most lovely vinyls I bought in the last few months.
From Edith Piaf to Wham! crossing Joan Baez and meeting a Madonna best of on the way!
Feira da Ladra still being the perfect scenario of this movie I call live and the lovely vintage earrings surely hit up the styling...
With my cowboy jacket on, the most amazing views, flowers, colors  and the bluish sky I have ever seen I must declare my intentions to marry this city - Lisboa

Meeting friends

Tiago is grey!

Lola's "heart-hole"

Nico - Les amours imaginaires 

Can't believe I just saw him...


50's personal vibrators - A vintage love affair

U Bob...

Meet the living room

Can't turn it right

Down down down...

The best chocolate cake in the world & Ice cream caipirinha

Cowboy jack & Why green again? & Mom's bag

New vintage earrings & Purple lips

Beach day -  low number of pictures due to both sand and sea capacity of ruining make-up and "hair".

Ricardo's smiling back

80's bad boy look on Tiago's face

Cozy cat

What is up dude?

Crazy about dandelions 

NEXT on FashionMasturbation :

Secret park

Great street opera duet pictures
Me: I have to start The ugly duck project!
Ruben:  Wtf is The ugly duck project?
Me: It's basically taking pictures of the most ugly things that are wore in the most marvelous ways...

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