Well I wore a turban on Lisbon's Fashion Week first day and I must confess it was the very first time I wore one... I always loved to see those beautiful black women wearing it, and long-hippie-haired girls wearing it...even love to see Aladdin wearing it! As long as people wear it well then.. why  not?
But for me it was different.. always had the fear of not suiting me or not being my thing. As I always wear my hair shaved in all and every color I thought to me that wearing a turban wouldn't be necessary...
Turns out I liked it.
I made a self deal of wearing the damn turban more often so that my fear would disappear.
Wore it for a week in different situations and as I wear colored hair it wasn't that hard to match the colors and to fit it in completely different outfits.
On my "turban-walk" I found two more supporters  Monica and Irina that often wear it too and met Maria Meyer for some pictures.
By now  I already  love turbans, I cherish them and oh well.... I may just get a few made on my own. A few? Hmmmm maybe a lot! Why not?

P.s. -  I borrowed this turban from Mary and she bought it at Capitão Lisboa
 ( http://www.capitaolisboa.com )


Are you trying to break my camera?!

Turban, Turban, Turban...

Me & Monica & Tiago

Monica & Tiago

Me & Daniel & Tiago & Irina

Irina's gorgeous jack

Riacrdo & Tiago

Let the games begin

Not yours but mine

"The meanings of vodka in the modern society"

Birthday boy

Ruben & I & Norberto

"'Cause two can keep a secret...

...When one of them is dead"

Enough already


A sea not made of water

Hey Lola

Yummy hair

Red bag


Lovely Norberto

Ruben and I went to Feira da Ladra  and then he showed me a lovely place in which we sadly can't take pictures... Allow me to present you the Poisson d'Amour backyards (Rua da Escola Politécnica, 32 - Príncipe Real)!

He - she

Dior after Galliano...

Gift from sis

New boots

Lower expectations & dream higher

Following pictures by Maria Meyer

Bye turban & Bye green

Mom, dad the cigarette is just for the pictures*


Papercuts said...

you rock that turban girl*

Maria said...

gosto bastante de turbantes e já estive (várias vezes! lol) quase a comprar um ;)


Joana Sá said...

Amei estas fotos!

Kiss kiss.*Jo