Hide the corpse & leave town

Tomorrow I'll be leaving Lisbon for a few days and go to Luanda for a family quicky... And that's actually good news! This weird weather Lisbon has been presenting us with lately is killing me and a few days on the beach will be amazingly welcome!
And oh well, a new lovely pair of sandals and this dreamy Zara cape that feels like an eternal sleep also are a great motive for a new post!
The sandals are definitely  the " I'm not that sure about these" kind of shoes BUT the color really got me into the "take & learn how to" zone.... The cape? Well, the motherfucking cape was mine before it was even "born"!

The sandals

Sandals - Filipe Sousa at Eureka
Batons - Make up forever

The cape & Pixlr-o-matic lovely colors and effects

My interview on Parq magazine is finally out in paper! The magazine came out today, you can see it online - http://issuu.com/parqmagazine/docs/parq33 or poorly cropped on Paint right down... or in any magazine spread out town!*


Tiago Aleixo said...

Não conhecia o teu blog, e gostei imenso tens um visual super out que me agrada =)

Vou seguir!

Concurso Daily Blogger no OnLIVE participa! =) Data limite 1 de maio.

Tiago Aleixo

Nobre Sandra said...

Parabéns pela entrevista ;) As fotos estão espectaculares, como sempre. Quer as sandálias, quer as botas, são muito fixes!!


Patricia Silvério said...

parabéns minha querida :)