Say what?! Fashion Week in the building!

Triiiiim! TRIIIiiiim!
-Shit! It's my alarm... let me just rest for a few minutes.
 One hour later
- Holy crap! I'm late...
Wake up jumping off my bed, take the towel and go to the bath. Dress myself as  fast as I possible can and then "Hmmm... yep, this look is all wrong!" Walking around my room like crazy and recreating an entire new outfit. Put on the red lipstick... but today I'm feeling kinda pink..take off the red lipstick.
Mary and Tiago texting like crazy.. bummer! They're already there.
Better hurry up, put on some perfume and say goodbye to the family....oh! Forgot my apple.
Running in heels to get a cab and almost falling for several times.
Then in the cab all the signals seem to be red and Mary calls me - The show is about to start!
I wish I had wings and pray for the time to stop...
The cab stops and here I go again, running in heels (in times like this I wish I liked flats).
Continuing to run and say hey to the fellows.
Inside the room the classic phrase sounds "Os manequins da ModaLisboa são maquilhados com produtos...." And then, right on that flip of time when the lights go down and up again I look around and find faces craving for creativity, for a few minutes dream...Faces that I seefor 4 days for one and only reason - FASHION!
It all starts making sense no matter how you liked the show but what the designer is trying to scream through clothes and music and lights and...and...magic.
Curiosity running in my veins waiting for the next outfit, for the next show, for the next days and now for the next fashion week.
I go outside to find the loudest outfits and trust me not all of us are screaming over attention..we are screaming to express our love for what we do.
Already sad to say goodbye to  this, to the atmosphere and to the great people I only get to see once in 6 months.
So all of this and much more deserves a TOAST!
To us, to you, to them...
To designers, to lovely conversation on the club zone,to me being blessed to get to talk to some of my favorite designers. To great parties ((hells yeah!), stimulating ideas and "already missing company". A toast I said for that in the next 6 months the only pass I'll be wearing is the subway one!

Videos by my new and beloved Digital Harinezumi Guru*

Alfaite Lisboeta

The salad
 Day 1
From Oli's World




Awful picture & Facehunter

Francisco at Lidija Kolovrat





Perfect strangers



Tiago Oliveira from Oli's World

Aleksandar Protic

Meet the most stylish and  behaved dog - Phaedra


The photographer Maria Meyer 

Monica at Trendwayz party

Monica's lovely vintage piece

Bengala lost his head

The oh-so-claimed details Tiago & Wilma

Day 2
2nd day outfit

Me & Sofia & Wilma

Oldschool Gorila 

Ricardo & Jean-luc Dupont & Tiago

Gone & Zé & João

João's bag

Ricardo & Tiago

Ricardo's lovely shirt

The boys


João & Ruben

One shot missing 

No, not now!

Aleksandar Protic & Vitor Bastos

Tiago & Su


Tiago & Ricardo

Another Ricardo

Another João


Denny bitch back in town

The "gang"


Day 3

3rd day outfit - Photos by Maria Meyer

Maria Meyer #2

Maria Meyer #3


My new Dino Alves boots by Fashionfreax

Ricardo & Me & Tiago & Ceciliana

Vitor & I

Vitor's lovely accessories 

Daniel from Inspire me bitch

Daniel & Diva

By João Bacelar

Luiz you've been a bad bad boy


Day 4

At Ricardo Dourado

Pictures by Maria Meyer for an interview for PARQ magazine (View full interview on http://www.parqmag.com/?p=13758 )

Off to the last show Filipe Faísca

Well about the final party....
The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.
The second rule is: You do not talk about Fight Club.
The third rule is : You do not take more than a few pictures of the Fight Club.

My beloved Diva

Luiz trying to buy me with vodka

Denny & Ricardo

Lola presented me with my own LOL

Recently I got myself thinking of how much I miss summer... Fur jackets and boots can only blindfold me for a while.
Here are a few pictures of last summer &  summer-ish days with which Lisbon was pleased to present us during this week.... (digital harinezumi- sorry I just can't shush about my lovely camera)
Oh! And the pictures I took for  Fader magazine, Styling by Mobolaji Dawodu and Photography by  Léonie Hampton finally got out both on the website ( FADER ) and on paper!

Garfield backpack

Add caption

How cheesy

What happens when I see an amazing vintage piece

Julio's tee

It was cake day - Lola

Tiago & Lola

Not a fan of the movies.. delighted by Moleskine 

Ricardo & I


Moon chandelier in Su's houew

Cages & birds & artificial flowers 

Thank you very much Daniel from Inspire me bitch *

Sure do (at Su's house)