Now & Then (end) - Lisbon amazing thrift stores!

Here are a few of the remaining pictures of Luanda... I didn't take more pictures because after all there was a lot more to do, a lot to absorb. It ended up being shocking endurance experience in every way - from not wanting to go to being aware of another realities, being in touch with my essence and feeling like the child I was when used to frequent those amazingly amazing beaches (no wonder why I couldn't stand Lisbon beaches.).
Being Fashion Masturbation a FASHION blog, and not a ??????cal one, I shall not write about a lot of things I would love to scream and shout on this last Luanda post of mine...So skipping the development and rushing to the conclusion:
#1 The mental castration no longer scares me.
#2 I loved it
#3 Miss it
#4 Can't wait till next time

With sand on my feet, a very very heavy heart and this song hitting my Ipod I left behind a part of me that I surely will regain soon: Angola.

Kiki & Ricardo

The man & the boat

Minnie & Swimming duck

Ricardo should always wear a turban 

"We are survivors" 


Ti Quartin & Júlio & 

The ice cream truck

Júlio sure knows how to...

André's lovely Tintin shirt & Sara


Lovely girl - Carmen


Mister Paulo


"Only promise me one thing -  Don't take me home until I'm drunk. Until I'm very drunk indeed!"
- Holly Golightly 

...The result was a pleasant night at Lux with a special participation of the " Scarf  Guru" - Starring Ricardo and his "hundred" different ways of wearing a scarf.

Diogo & I

Ricardo acting sexy #3



Wesley & Vodka

Wesley handing the material (scarf)

Are you readeeey?










...and then when  he just runs off imagination #9

I was convinced that Lisbon couldn't give me much more when it comes to vintage purchases but turns out I was awfully wrong and there are still a few "worlds"left to explore!
"The harder to get the better to have" - this phrase kept me going even when I felt like I was doing the vintage version of the maritime route to India... Well I don't know  how Vasco da Gama felt when he got to India, but ba-ba-Boom! Suddenly I was walking inside of some of the least appreciated but great  thrift stores never once sniffed by the humankind...which location I absolutely can't reveal, as I promised to my guide.
Location : Somewhere over the rainbow
Real location ( I might get killed for it) : Cascais
More detailed location : No can do.

The Guide/This photo editor/My beloved Daniel from Inspire me bitch

Meet the pink hanger :

The pleaser shoes

Lola's super power


Ready set GO!

 Oops... Another 7 years of bad luck


Norberto's studded converse 

That's all folks!

Off for a few days in Paris*

Since I finished  Luanda posts,the Now& Then's shall be over for a while. So I can finally stard implementing new projects such as "Vintage ex-love affair" and "Dress your persona". More information about these projects and more about Paris coming Oh-so-soon....*


IndianSavage said...

beautiful photos

C&K said...

The cool girl on your Angolan entry is my sister, Carmen Neto. :-D