Now & Then - Luanda

"Oh well maybe I shouldn't go you know... maybe next year!I've be craving for a cold cold winter that is finally here and just bought myself a new jacket!"

To be  brutally honest I was awfully reticent about going to Luanda for x-tmas... I haven't been there for 4 years, I was younger and my days were spent at home... But being older also means being much different from the girl with the hair bang and pseudo-skinny jeans. Since then I shaved my head, had an afro, whore a mohawk, tinted my hair like Cruella, then blond then pink then blond again and by the time I was leaving to Angola I found myself with a very dark and discrete blue hair.
My hair isn't the only thing different.
From pants with converse to 80's short-shorts and cosmic Litas. I became a totally different person that most of my family and friends in Angola hadn't met yet...
I found myself trying not to take my loudest pieces or  my highest heels. I guess I was afraid of a mental castration, of people looking funny at me on the streets.. even more then they already do in Lisbon. Of being a foreign in my own country...
-Let them look at me as they want!- I said to myself as I grabbed my Litas and sequins dress- for there is no better protection or answer than having the audacity of being myself! No better way to overcome insecurity  than wearing all of them off  on my next outfit. And most certainly no better way of smiling and knowing how comfortable I feel than wearing Steve Madden clogs on a party that turned out to be on the sand. Oh well... Of course some people looked at me as if I am crazy either for shaving my head or for the discrete-but-sometimes-evident blue tint.
But turns out Luanda was the sh*t!
Being overdressed all the time made me travel all the way to Low Profile Land, not in a "hiding myself mode" but in an honest and weather adapted way. I mean how many heels could I torture on the sand?
As Josine said Luanda is the place to be if you dig underground-glamour - Literally.
After being shocked with the discrepancy between skyscrapers and cubatas I learned one thing - if you just sit there on your car with your sunglasses and  A.C. on, looking straight ahead to the beautiful views and dance in those great parties you may not spend the holidays martyring yourself about all the social and cultural differences present in one city.

THEN : Luanda

All the way up...

...And home sweet home.

View while getting ready

Kiki, Ricardo & I

Cat wearing sunnies & lovely lace

Clutch & my (fake) nails

Drinks out & time to roll



Ricardo drinking & Júlio - the crusher

Brother & Little sis

Underground-glamour - literally

Meet the famous Cabrité...

...and hit the club.


Nice tail

Ricardo & Júlio


Júlio's bottle & belt

From the button


The top - meet hiding Daniel


Gaga shirt!


NOW: Lisbon

A school tour - Fernando Pessoa

Diogo's backpack

We found Lola!

Bá's backpack


Lovely porch

A marvelous afternoon spent with friends talking about boys, toys, fashion and subjects we won't even remember... Talking about this life that really is a stage! Entertaining  and being  entertained. Playing or clapping in the audience. Either on a great comedy or an awful drama...
There's no use on sitting alone in your room for this life is nothing more than a Cabaret, old chum!
Allow me to present my absolutely favorite song from my absolutely favorite movie:

Lisbon & its colorful buildings 

Diogo's gorgeous bracelet 

Diogo & I & Jacket I just stole from my sister

Know what Mr. Photographer? F**k you


Bird attack 

Mr. Rock'n'roll pigeon (yep, no middle fingers)

Miss Cruella de Vil



When there's no more sun and the only brilliant yellow globe is Ricardo's awfully intellectual head...is time to go!

The where

Waitress  would you be a darling and bring me some wine on a platform?

Oh no... 

Life is a Cabaret isn't it Ricardo?

There is only thing I envy more than shoes.

Only a Cabaret, old chum,
And I love a Cabaret!

*To be continued...


Anonymous said...

adoro os teus looks, originais.


Gone Monteiro said...

Adorei o post, em Luanda ou em Lisboa estás sempreee linda! :)


Margarida said...

Para variar adooorooo os teus looks, estás sempre espantosa!

Xuna said...

Girl you look absolutely fab! Adoro muito! And two of my favourite cities I'm the world! Which reminds me I Newark purchase my flight tickets!

Claudia Chitas Neto said...

Dear I've been influenced by your "Feira da Ladra" Post, I went there also this Christmas when I was in Lisbon and I definetly found GREAT Stuff!!!
Check out my Blog, You got one Award!!!
Keep up the Great writing, very Expressive just like ur Artistic Photography...Always telling a Great story!