En Paris - Museum of erotic art

Well I would love to please you with amazing pictures of myself in Paris wearing the highest heels the planet earth as ever known and the blue lipstick I so want to buy... The truth is that I even prepared the loudest outfits but this four little days I spent in Paris were so overwhelming, both physically and creatively that every time I looked at my heels I felt like a 90 years old granny - Tired.
We walked around the city for days during  hours nonstop tired and amazed and thinking " Holly crap I'm on one of the most fashionable cities wearing nothing but a boring jacket and a pair of "comfortable" flatties".
Gorgeous men, stylish people, lovely accent, the BEST STORES (Colette killed me), outrageous museums, the most pleasant views, arrogant waitresses, divine wine and so on - name it,Paris has it!
Here are the pictures of our first day in this city in which I always pictured myself wearing nothing but heels,furs,love, Serge Gainsbourg and wine.

"Me bag"

The fire starter 

Fantasy store

What made us get in ?

Stop sh*t

XXL bird house

Everywhere you go...

There is no future.

Museum of erotic art

Belzebuth is pregnant

Music box

Praying for mercy

Poor little Devil over you...

Poppin' champagne 

Shoes shoes shoes...the perdition of us all.

From mein herr ...

...to groovy dudes.

Hello Mister President

I just became a fan of your Jacques

Jacques #2

Jacques #3

Jacques #4


Jane Goodall's portrait (still Jacques)

Found Casper ( enough of Jacques)

The throne

"Niggas in Paris"

We'll see you laters alligators  

In Lisbon
We went to Carhartt during my chase for a backpack, then decided to see the ones in Eastpack and then suddenly, out of nowhere, we were crushing the artist studio opening (autch!).
Well since we were already there and everybody was so nice... DESPERADOS!
Why not?

"See? Mommy told you it was carnival day!"

Gorgeous sweat from - A Outra Face da Lua 

My legs look huuuge By the "photographer"....

João (and his guilty face)

The store


The blackbird 

The toys

The backpack

The something-cycle 


Eastpack's lovely artist bags

Fuzzy bag, fuzzy eyes, fuzzy picture

The desperados

Alex d'Alva - Cast a Fire member 

Lovely bow-tie & lovely little man

Handmade Portuguese shoes 

 I've found

A spud



Found love in a hopeless place - subway way home