Grey to greenish!

Being back in Lisbon always feels like drinking a coke after a massive hangover, a huge splash of information and new things to do and places to go... After 10 days wearing nothing but flip-flops and short-shorts the sensation of high heels in this beautiful-but-still-so-hard-to-walk-on sidewalks, fox vintage jacket and jamming with my 80's vinyls  it's more then orgasmic - is doublegasmic!
What can I say? New year, old habits- drinks with friends, visiting new spots,coloring my hair, losing my earrings and fashion-addiction  are few of the things that shall forever coexist with my existence...
I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions because, as everyone else, I never take it seriously.
The best thing to do is writing a list of self-warnings:
#1 -I won't be late for everything;
#2- I will give away things that I no longer use;
#3 -I will never again climb a "mountain" wearing high heels;
#4- I'll never ever again save my vintage earrings on a stranger's pocket on a party;
#5- I won't forget a pair of black socks on my white clothing laundry bag;
#6- I must control my impulse of buying vinyls just for its cover;
#7- The words "I'll just come back for it later" shall never come out of my mouth on a flea market;
#8- Cheesy jokes are gone!
#9- I'll post on Fashion Masturbation twice a week;
#10- etc...

The year in which the world shall end is here and even if all the movies and theories were wrong I'll .. trust no man, fear no bitch, vintage stores and shoes - beware!, new places, better movies, older musics, more big fat projects, die and be born everyday, party even harder, yoga, more meditation, less drama...no more drama, why not purple hair?, fake pearls, theater, more Fashion, muuuch more Masturbation and... Stop biting my damn nails!

Saying good bye 

So claimed "Details"

Praying for a God that will never hear us.

The drama queen 


Whatever it says indeed

Drums for suspense 


Pensão do Amor and its amazingly retro decoration

The ceiling 

The wine


Norberto leaving & his gorgeous jacket

And oh well.. It's finally greenish!

I demand you to show yourself

Oh no! It's green-headed Ricardo

Diogo & green-headed me



Diogo part II

So claimed "details" part II

Behind the bars

Most beautiful trash cans ever

Release the Kraken!

Kraken running away...

Wait.. something is missing

Where is my other earring?

Where the f**ck is my other earring?

Here kitty kitty...

Don't you ever do this to me again.


All the way up - Castelo dos Mouros

The view

Coming soon...

So as a reality show voice would say : "Where did I spend my holidays? On the next episodes of Fashion Masturbation."


Rute said...

aquela saia verde.... adoro!!
great blog * loveeee it at all
keep rockin'

mteresalucas said...

o teu cabelo ficou espectacular!


Anonymous said...

Cada vez que visito o teu blogue só me apetece sair de casa para ir comprar algo vintage :)

O azul no cabelo fica um máximo!!!!

Papercuts said...

"I will give away things that I no longer use" - you can give them to me, really :D ehehe

WOW, you look amazing with green hair [damn girl, there's anything that doesn't look good on you?!]

Nice photos and hoping you keep at least the resolution of posting twice a week!


Annie said...

you rock!!


Margarida said...

Adoro as fotografias,estás sempre o máximo! O cabelo verde ficou de arrasar,é impressionante qualquer coisa te fica bem eheh:) you totally rock girl! *

Lydia said...

You and your friends are so cool!! I love all of your styles. And your green hair looks amazing.