Now & Then

Being a hand full of posts late I've decided to divide my holidays in a few posts.. But then I would also be late when it comes to recent events. Sooo the better thing to do is the now&then posts in which I'll show a bit of what happened then and of what is happening now.
In this very first "then" I'll show my farewell Lisbon session!
Is there a better way to say goodbye to Lisbon for a few days then... partying and vintage purchases?
Well not for me.  I rocked my way to the Underground Rebel Bingo and of course Feira da Ladra.
In beginning I wasn't very happy about this 2nd Bingo...
How could I? It was at Loft ,I do believe that places hold on energies and loft isn't exactly my favorite place to party. The truth is that no one likes secrets to be told and walking around this killing party recognizing my brother's friends and few high school mates wasn't the most exciting experience in the world. 
Turns out, a few vodkas later, it ended up being better then the 1st one!
With great music, fairies flying by, naked DJ ,no earrings lost and no memory this bingo made me believe in miracles!


Diogo & Lola

The end is near


Up view

From this picture on nothing is remembered by the present colective of persons



Say cheese

Massive pen attack 

Pikachu was there

Even Santa was there...

"You are so pretty"

Thank you very much


Are you my Albért? Oh well...

Rock on!

Lazy music

Good music


You know what they say: Blurry vision, blurry camera 

The naked DJ

Not supposed to look good

Inside ladies room...

You call them ladies, I call them bottles

Where am I heading to? 

Location : Feira da Ladra
Description : Best vintage store of them all!
Mission I : Vintage earrings
Mission II : Don't spend all my money

With mission I accomplished and mission I completely ignored I spent all my money.
When I hit my way to Feira da Ladra already knew how I'll leave the place : Poor as hell!
Well I'm sorry if I am an evil agent disguised as a ordinary girl willing to own all the vintage earrings on  the face of Earth. 
Happily I remembered to buy 2 perfumes and gorgeous Aldo shoes on the day before...

Sure can buy this kind of love


Can't turn this image...

Want me one of those

From art...

... to porn

Vintage fur for 40€: self-considered porn

Back of the mirror 

Toys, boys, toys & Piano

The horse

The cow

Mirror & Chandelier 

Books & Zara shoes

Gorgeous earrings & Creepy accidental nice lady reflection on the mirror

The cold giraffe 

Kiki -my niece 

Necklaces - Feira da Ladra
Earrings - Feira da Ladra & Ás de espadas
Shoes - Aldo

*Good vintage purchases demand commemoration + Denny was in town = More party

Rúben & Denny

Ricardo & Tiago

What? What?

Were are we?


Hurtful declarations?

Massive attack


Order that must be followed 

Downstairs then...

Tiago singing 

Well...I'll miss you guys

Wonderful days of sweet nostalgia...

Fading green hair & Sunset

Trashy pantyhose 

Speaking of trash...

Norberto with birthday hat on

Hello "kittin"

Lola & Her sexy bodysuit

Norberto & His laser eyes


The 3 of us. This is lame and we are aware of that fact

Salmon & Mint 

To be continued...