Feira da Ladra - the best vintage store of them all!

After almost a month of no posting I'm really trying to reborn from the ashes like a blogosphere Fénix.
A broken camera, school-works and uninteresting things to post  are just a few members of this terrible gang that was stopping me from blogging.
Happily my camera is already getting fixed ( Aleluia), school is getting nicer and so I finally have time to do one thing I'm completely passionate about but haven't been able to do for months... taking over Feira da Ladra.
For me, the best vintage store in Lisbon! A perfect "sperm bank if you are really committed on going back home with a wonderful vintage baby boy"!
From wallets, bags, typing machines, guns, vinyl or barbies - well they have it all.
I missed the hole environment -the discussions, the nice old lady telling me how well her blouses would fit me and keeping the cool about those marvelous sunnies so they won't   up-up the price.
When I don't go to Feira da Ladra for too long I suffer of this hangover that gets worst with time...as weeks go by I see myself becoming an old lady : first I start wearing red lipstick and pearls everyday, then comes the need to attack my mother's closet... I start hearing old tunes and suddenly electronic and pop music stop making much sense and that's when I know it's time to go!
And so like a fish raised in an aquarium and dropped back into the ocean I get back to my old habitat with no negotiation skills or keeping-cool ability.
It was already late when we got there but it was soon enough to buy a thing or two and take a few pictures ( Thank you again, Lola).
Ricardo got a pair of wild platforms.
I got a brown leather jacket, a pioneer in me closet, and a pair of black boots.
Since I can't leave the house without high hells I need shoes that can be worn everyday with everything in everyway... I know what they say about diamonds but black boots (surely) are this girl's best friends!

Diogo - show us your pretty face...

Here we go.

Diogo and Lola

They do have it all

Barbies & Action men (never liked Kens)


Ricardo's  wild platforms 

The mask




It all...


Trying on the jack

Ricardo & I

My 6o's bag & Ricardo's necklaces 

Jack & boots

Move Lola!

Move Lola #2

Acting distracted 



Acting distracted #2

- Yep, tomorrow.
- Bring the boots and the jacket to take a few picutres...
- Good idea! Tomorrow.

For being a pioneer in my closet and me being in terrible doubt about it I decided to break the ice and wear the damn jacket on the next day! With a basic black jumpsuit ,colorful bag and white sunnies to give a pop of color... but still I have second thoughts about it.
I'm thrilled with the boots and in love with it's 70's heels, even though they look and sound like horse feet, will be constant on my daily outfits.

Ricardo's shoes

Looking for...

...my lipstick

Ricardo, would you be darling and take a few pictures of us?

Let the games begin



Freezing #2

Freezing #3 - dying 


The candy store lady wasn't as sweet as you expected

...So we shall bite her.

Lola acting sexy with a finger on her lips...

Our beautiful lack of Christmas decorations 

Day 1:
Knitted sweater - Lacoste
Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
60's bag - Feira da Ladra ( a few years ago)
Earrings - gift from Denny

Day 2:
Vintage jacket - Feira da Ladra
Jumpsuit - American Apparel
Boots - Feira da Ladra
Bag - LAMB
Both sunnies - vintage fairy (Porto)
Earrings - Feira da Ladra
Pearls necklace - Mom's
Belt - H&M

P.s- Portuguese It girl - on Josine's blog  (link)


Papercuts said...

Lovely pics, as always!
Love love the boots, so disco*

Cáti said...

adoro o facto de os teus posts terem sempre uma história :)

o casaco e as botas ficam-te super bem!


Cátia Couto said...

O casaco fica-te super bem :)
Adoro a tua mala e os sapatos JC!


Lydia said...

That market looks amazing. And Diogo is a doll!

miss murder said...

I love you Outfit !
you r amazing!

kisses from perù


Patrícia Silvério said...

adorooo as tuas botas pretas !

Margarida said...

Gosto sempre de todas as fotografias que tiras! Estás sempre o máximo e tens imeeeensaaa pinta:) Adoro!

Sofia Seruya said...

damaraa amei este post!! não sei porquê ainda não conhecia o teu blog...falha gigante. vou seguir obviously ;) nunca mais te vi a ti e ao ricardo mas já percebi que estão sempre top :)
bjs seesaw streetstyle
ps: estou especialmente ciumenta dos colares do ricardo são lindos!!

Maria Nunes said...

Gosto muito da vossa ousadia. xoxo

Yumi said...

Adoro a maneira como te vestes, o teu blog, a forma diferente de postar :)



Annie said...

Fiquei fã, é claro que vou conseguir, fotos estrondosas neste post, parabéns ;)


Gonçalo Subtil said...

Adorei o post todo, desde os teus outfits às fotos em si :)


V I V I D said...

You look great!

modezirkus. said...

Love love love your Blog! So much fun flipping through it.