The secret jungle

It has been a long time and I still waiting for my camera little problem to be fixed. Thanks God I have a secret & very efficient photographer with me all day long (Lola, thank you very much)Which means high quality pictures are here to stay...
So having a camera all that was missing was walking around and, of course,one of the stops had to be (pause for suspense)  a vintage store!
 " A small theater in which each piece arises to tell a story of its past hoping to know the present."
 -Ás de Espadas is a relatively new vintage store at Bairro Alto.. Is right after Feira da Ladra on the list of my favorite places to buy vintage earring and is the ONLY store that convinced me to buy creepers (the ones on the last post). Also has a cabaret-ish decór, exquisite musics that make me shake my hips even though I've never heard them and boots that also make me shake my hips but in a different way. What else is there to say?

Ás de Espadas
Vintage store and more
Travessa da Boa Hora, n.º 39 Bairro Alto

Hello stranger


Fire place

Ginger lady & shoes

Vests & jacks

Hats & I

Puppie & pop

Chat noir



Sunnies & ties 

Where am I?

Lovely bag

Bad ass boots

Lovely boots

Gorgeous jack that doesn't suit me 

After that we (me and the secret photographer also know by the name of Lola) went to The secret jungle

A secret jungle that doesn't really look like one but which decór do bring you to your" shun n,n,n,n,n knees"
The first time I saw this place trough the window didn't know exactly what it was but decided to ring and congratulate the owner for its disconnected and still beautiful decoration when ta-da...it can be an hotel or just a place to spend your winter-ish afternoons either drinking a coup of tea or a glace of wine.
This is where us -the animals- get together and where we swore with our paws holding high to never-ever show it anyone. I'm already breaking the rules by even talking about it but what can I do? I'm a butter heart... Can't give the exact location, otherwise wolfs will come after me.
Of course sooner or later, like every wild life secret, it will end up being discovered by mankind.
Well, welcome to the secret jungle ...

A jungle wouldn't be a jungle without a rhino... 

...and the right pries.

Sunnies - gift from my brother Júlio 

Jungle's outside

For us all


We left the jungle...

... to hit the streets

Salute & white socks(I admit it) 

OMG, just noticed this mean-spirited grafitty behind me 

Star wars

- Well, this is my way home    
- And this is mine...         
- So see you tomorrow at school?

- Ok, bye-bye                

 P.s- I just turned 19, how old...


Pepa Xavier said...

Tenho q ir lá! ;)

Juan Satizabal said...

Awesome sunglasses!

Ruben Alcobia said...

The secret jungle is such a perfect spot. And that little Balcony is priceless for simplicity.

Ana Rita said...

Adorei os teus óculos! Mais uma morada para apontar xD!

thenewfashionfabric said...

Fotos fantásticas e outfit ainda melhor !

Cáti said...

adorei a loja vintage *.*

o teu outfit também é qualquer coisa :)


Gone Monteiro said...

Adoro! O teu outfit está qualquer coisa, como é habitual :)


Lydia said...

Lovely! I love tagging along on your day.

ritacooperm said...

like like like!!!!! E adorei o gift do teu irmão! Muito bom gosto!



Kate V said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Nice photos! Love them!

I just discovered your blog through "Fashion Bloggers Group" on Facebook!

Kisses from:

ST said...

Sou a tua nova seguidora!! Na verdade, era impossivel que depois de ter visto tantas fotos tuas na internet e ter adorado, nao ficar tua fa!
um beijinho virtual

Marta Pinto de Miranda said...

adorei as fotos querida! E o diálogo no final... ;)

um beijinho!
marta miranda

✖ Sara said...

Adoro essa loja vintage! Tem tanta coisa linda :)


Margarida said...

Adoro o cinto e o casaco!
Tenho de ir à as de espadas sem falta, já percebi:)