It wasn't a pajama party!

Well we sure had the wine, the fun and each other companion.. but it wasn't a pajama party. Ricardo came to sleep over my house two days in a raw and it was very fun to have one of my best friends here...
We drank wine, we heard vinyls, we made fun of people on Facebook (sorry) and Ricardo watched Gossip Girl ( ...f***ing addicted) and then we fell asleep.
We woke up and overdressed to go grocery shopping, like punks on a jewelry store everybody looking at us- me with leopard shoes and Ricardo with a bad-ass 80's jacket that costed 2 bucks in New York. We cooked ,watched what I believe to be the worst horror movie in the history of  cinema and fell asleep again...found out  Ricardo is the greediest human being when it comes to blankets.
As a reality show voice would say: Who will sleep over next week - Tiago,Lola, Mary... Phantom Lady? Stay tuned to the sleep overs marathon.
It's intriguing just how easily we can be moved by flowers or by Sex shops...
( As my camera broke - situation wich my imminent birthday shall fix- the following pictures were take by an Ipod)

That's how we woke up:

For her

For him

Her new vintage creepers 

Her new vintage creepers #2

All said.( Thanks for the heart Wesley)

Hermes baby, Fashion AV,Vintage sunnies,The thinker, Minnie mouse & Trésor 

Campbell's soup can & Flower (what's up with me and flowers lately?!)

Pump it up

His back

He's trying to fly

She posing 

Pump it up # 2

Who are you?

She keeps running away...

... Running away...

...To hide her panties, but Ricardo's such a*

Ok, this won't work



Go get them balls leopard &oxford

Flowers again

...And again...

...And again.

Such a gentleman 

Yes, we actually cooked

This is how we woke up day 2:

Day 2 top

Day 2 bottom - bye bye Ricardo

Tiago touching Ariel's chest 

Tiago waiting for a rainy day that never came

You call this freedom? We want more!

João´s new vintage jacket

My outfit & Purple Rose (Bairro Alto)


You talk too much...

Tiago really is a dedicated student 

Tiago's inspiration for coming soon work.

Perfect stranger - Reminded me today is Halloween 

Have fun in this Halloween and wear whatever is the creepiest thing you have. This is the time  reveal your darkest and kinkiest side. Let you inner psycho breathe a little bit, nobody will think it's true even if it is indeed - after all it's Halloween... Me? Well, I will just spend my night  at  home drawing wedding dresses and tripping with Jane Birkin *

New vintage creepers from Ás de Espadas.


Valter Cláudio said...

Adorei tudo!!!!
Em especial os casacos que tão aí uns que são um verdadeiro regalo para os meus olhos!!!!

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Luisa T. said...

Amei estas fotos. O primeiro outfit estava fantástico, adoro esses sapatos! ;)


Bela Monstro said...

A isto poder-se-ia chamar loads of fashion and fun.

Lydia said...

His jacket is the absolute best.

Margarida said...

Gostei tanto tanto do outfit, os sapatos e o casaco são demais!