BINGO! +18

Well I knew the moment was about to come. The moment to show the other side of my life, the dark one, the one my mother doesn't know about. The moment to open up and be realistic, the moment of getting out of the closet like a queer teenager. The moment to show our sweaty shirts and twisted faces and not being ashamed of it - The moment of my very first f***ing PARTY VIRUS POST! (...)
We all have been waiting for the famous Underground Rebel Bingo to come to Lisbon...
Expectations were very high, the party animalesc hormones were floating off our bodies like sweat from a junkie on rehab. We bought our tickets, we talked about it all month... we kept on talking but time was hard to pass by. Walking on the streets like zombies waiting for a chance to live, asking everybody if they were going and feeling sorry for those who didn't. They didn't know what they were missing. Looking at strangers and know that they were going just for the same anxious eyes we all shared - like a cult.
I waited, decided what to wear, waited a little more.
I went to the party, partied hard, lost my earrings... who cares?! Partied even harder, dancing like crazy, jumping in 20cm heels and wishing for this night  never to come to an end.

Allow me to present my vodka halter-ego: Madame Vintage.

Blond again


João with mask

Lola with mask




He sure knows how to hang

Both Ricardos

Also Ricardo 

Lola's vintage clutch

We all know how Bárbara loves to crash on photos 

Wild childs 


Contaminated #2


Blurry #2

Blurry #3





Whaaat - face

Lola - The birthday girl

Ricardo lightening Ricardo's cigarette 

Why so clean?


Both Ricardos, Rafael & Tiago... and Bárbara

Liar liar pants on fire

Oh so  crappy

Bárbara being attacked 

João's psycho look

Lovely Joel


Tiago hiding from the camera
Why so shy?

I don't know if it is due so my recuperated blondness, but I sure had more fun...


Karen U. said...

DAAAAMNNNN! That looks like a hell of a good party!
Well you know what they say... Blondes have more fun haha.

Margarida said...

Ja ouvi dizer q a festa foi brutal e mais uma vez as tuas fotografias comprovam no! Eu nao pude ir mas tenho a certeza que perdi uma epic night! Para a proxima nao falho!

OLI said...

OMG! I what a party just like that when I finished my second year of medicine (7.12.11) I realy need!

Take me with you sweet and now blond Madame Vintage!


Papercuts said...

this pics rock!
You look so much...you, blonde :)

Lydia said...

You guys are crazy!! I love the blonde.

Claudia said...

I mean, you're amazing. Dope pictures, btw, it really looks like you had a hell of a night. Let's party together!!


Amber Chocolate said...

Corri o teu blog de uma ponta à outra e cheguei à conclusão que nunca um titulo de um blog se enquadrou tão bem com a minha reacção. O meu cérebro teve um orgasmo, literalmente! Obrigada, MUITO obrigada mesmo. O teu estilo é genial, o blog, a maneira como escreves... Adorei tudo! Dava-te os parabéns, mas parece-me uma palavra demasiado banal para te felicitar pelo teu trabalho.

Unicorn said...

In love with Lola <3

miss murder said...

Oh you had fun you notice a thousand, that's great, a very good night for a good girl. I must confess that I fall in love with shoes and cap British police of your friend. and you look very pretty blonde.


Edgar Alves said...

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