Sad to be gone/ Glad to be back

I left New York a few days ago and I must be honest....
You know... NY makes you wish you were richer so that way you could buy everything, taller even if for that you would have to wear high heels on the oh-so-perfect sidewalks and ,in my particular case, older. Makes you wish you had more time there either to see all the exquisite views and wonderful museums but most of all, once you leave NY makes you wish you were back there in a second! The only way to try to fulfill this last wish is by well...taking photos!
So here are some pictures of my last day in the real City and of some showcases which stores I didn't get in for both brokenness and relative hurry.

Well NY is the sh*t but sure feels good to be back to Lisbon! To the land of shopping limitations and nice taxi drivers, colorful and short buildings, sunny days, easy reading subway maps and no party restrictions being 18!
Sure feels great to be back to it all and much more... (why do our sidewalks have to be so beautiful and yet difficult to walk?)


Tiago's shoes and bag


João's backpack

Fox tails

Ricardo being dirty

Ricardo leaving

Perfect stranger's vintage bag

Dario  hiding 

Dario's shoes


Bárbara's creepers





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P.s- Lisbon Fashion Week is coming up! *


Micael Dourado said...

Alô cherie, não sabia deste teu cantinho, gosto imenso dele, following. Bisou


Luisa T. said...

oh, pah, eu AMO esses teus leopard shoes!
NY é uma cidade fabulosaaa
Lisbon Fashion Week, see you there ;)


D♥R said...

Stefano's sunglasses ♥

And you're perfect babz.


Karen U. said...

Aaahhh calçada portuguesa... my high heel shoes don't like it >.< Estraga-me o salto num instante.
Cool Blog!


Peace, Love and Clothes said...

Beautifal <3 NYC <3

Devil Wears Louboutin said...

Estou a dar um castigo a mim própria por ainda não conhecer o teu blog :p Estou apaixonada pelas tuas fotos e estilo. vou-te seguir :)*

Irina said...

De onde são essas wedges padrão trigresa? Ando à procura de umas iguais à que séculos. Ou todas pretas, mas só encontro umas feias lol.

João Santos said...

Adorei o teu estilo..parabéns pelo blog =D


Leonor Carboila said...

Adorei todos os looks que publicaste! Vou estar atenta ao teu blog. Beijocas