Casa das Águas

Yesterday Lola and I went to Baixa-Chiado to see some fabrics for a school project.We had a deal and  already decided to see the fabrics and go home to finish or works then, something happened, we saw one of our favorite stores - Casa das Águas. 
Who would we be if we didn't get in? Everyone but us...
I experience an strange feeling of comfort when I get into this store with the vintage pieces good music and a very nice owner. I believe that if they had a table, a chair and wine I could spend my winter here. You can find the most outrageous things and accessories, and see all of your war-ish fantasies and fetishes come true (when it comes to styling). 
From helmets to Polaroids - they have it all. 
Well it was more productive and  relatively best succeed than the second part of the day, keeping in mind the limitations that a fashion student has in Lisbon when it comes to finding  fabrics and textile accessories that  feed our creative hunger. All I found was a gorgeous and oh-so-expensive retro-like lace...

Warrior #1

Warrior #1 making a salute

Warrior Lola - Thank you for the pictures*

"Our precious..."

The hats

The bag


The toys

Pipes & Binoculars 

The radios 

The store

Oh yes, we met Mozart on the way...

The lace

We always end up here...

P.s- I'm awfully sad, my camera broke today.


Bela Monstro said...

Não conheço a loja. Caramba que lacuna, tenho já que ir colmatá-la! Queres dar-me indicações mais precisas de localização?


Também não sei onde é e já estou fascinada! Indicações, pleeease.


Ana Rita said...

Também quero saber :)

mteresalucas said...

os teus posts são sempre tão divertidos , adorei as fotos. acho que já passei por essa loja mas nunca me atrevi a entrar (na baixa right?) agora quero mesmo aventurar me lá :)

btw que renda liiinda

Lydia said...

I love that helmet. This store looks amazing!

Damara Ingles said...

A loja fica na Rua Augusta nº 243

Leonor Carboila said...

Vi-te nesse dia na baixa-chiado, na loja "A outra face da lua". Adorei as tuas fotos!

Pedro Portela said...

estou encantado *-*
mas não deve ser muito baratas as coisas né? :/

Cátia Couto said...

Descobri o teu blog pelo facebook e devo dizer que adorei o teu estilo :)
vou seguir o blog! xoxo