New amazing crazy wild sick nasty-ass vintage jacket!

A few days ago I went to Viúva Alegre ( Happy Widow) - it is an amazing vintage store in which sometimes I shop, sometimes take pictures but most of times go there just to look around and be there... They always have those crazy vintage pieces that makes your mouth go dry and sometimes, when they say " I have something you'll love!" and open the magic curtains I reach Nirvana : black leather perfectos, wild-shirts, jumpsuits, 80's funky leggings, sunnies... Well this time there was no need to open the magic curtains because what I nedeed was right there exposed at the showcase  that "oh-so-perfect" multi-color fox jacket!
No time to waste and came back a day later to get what was rightfully mine, take some pictures and have some brutal  laughs...
We all lost something on that day - I lost all my money for a good reason, Diogo lost his credit card and the others lost their loves...
As we all know Winter is here and so are the cold-cold-and-lonely-nights I dedicate this song to my new jacket, to us and to our cheap cheap wine.


Lame outfit front photo 

Weird outfit back photo

This Vespa goes with my jack

Controlling myself like a dog with beef on its muzzle 


Here it is 

Bárbara really likes to appear on photos 

Lulu's closet ( Lulu is the happy widow)

Bárbara really likes to appear on photos #2

Realistic artificial flowers store 

Cupcakes- I want the shy blue one

You look real, let's see if you taste real too

Are you hungry?

The happiest thieves

No more shopping for Diogo...

Lovely Zara gloves 

Here it is Bábara, one just for you :)


" It's sooo cold" (excuse to wear the jacket for a few minutes)

Lola - the photographer 

War scream featuring Ruben

Ricardo & I

Biting my leggings 

Result of biting my leggings & Lola's creepers 

Now you can Facebook-it Lola

I don't smoke, just posing...

Where the f**k is my eyeliner?! 

The season finally changed ,Alleluia! Unpacked my heavy coats, wool shirts and boots.
It's finally winter and  it's time for nights at Cinemateca, more wine, blooming tea, curling with blankets, Dinah washington, Genevieve Waite, violet incense, falling in love, furs (mostly vintage for me) and... to do something with my hair! What will I do - keep the red or return to the blond?
Here is a picture of the old blond me...


Viúva Alegre
Rua de São Nicolau, 17
Baixa, 1100-547
Lisbon, Portugal  


Casa das Águas

Yesterday Lola and I went to Baixa-Chiado to see some fabrics for a school project.We had a deal and  already decided to see the fabrics and go home to finish or works then, something happened, we saw one of our favorite stores - Casa das Águas. 
Who would we be if we didn't get in? Everyone but us...
I experience an strange feeling of comfort when I get into this store with the vintage pieces good music and a very nice owner. I believe that if they had a table, a chair and wine I could spend my winter here. You can find the most outrageous things and accessories, and see all of your war-ish fantasies and fetishes come true (when it comes to styling). 
From helmets to Polaroids - they have it all. 
Well it was more productive and  relatively best succeed than the second part of the day, keeping in mind the limitations that a fashion student has in Lisbon when it comes to finding  fabrics and textile accessories that  feed our creative hunger. All I found was a gorgeous and oh-so-expensive retro-like lace...

Warrior #1

Warrior #1 making a salute

Warrior Lola - Thank you for the pictures*

"Our precious..."

The hats

The bag


The toys

Pipes & Binoculars 

The radios 

The store

Oh yes, we met Mozart on the way...

The lace

We always end up here...

P.s- I'm awfully sad, my camera broke today.


Fashion week - The orgasm

After all the fornication between us and our closets, fashion week really is the orgasm for fashion-lovers/junkies/masturbators.
When you step into a fashion week is like as if you were stepping into a perfect bubble, an outfits utopia where people don't really "do" and "don'ts" your style, instead of that they analyze the "why's"...'Cause as we know personal style is never completely isolated from the rest. And when you know that you are going to a safe place, where you can show your uniqueness ( both in style and personality) is the most amazing sensation...
Those are the only 4 days when you can wear crazy leggings, man skirts, and candles on your shoulders and expect people to understand. Why do fashion devout dress-really-up 8 days a year? Besides of what some people may think we don't do it to get attentions or to feed our own self pleasure of being able to express all our thoughts, feelings and idiosyncrasies trough clothes - We honor and watch shows of our best-known national fashion designers and share their views of the new women/men they create for them, for us and for you every single season exposing their concepts and inspirations.
Being late, I must say, it doesn't make much sense to show catwalk looks or describe my favorite designers concepts - for that all has been already and earlier done. Instead I will show you the fashion week that isn't either on the runway or on the backstage. I will show the fashion week of fashion-youngsters that try to make the best they can of this anti-gravity event. Hope you like it.

Day 1



Gorgeous Diogo



We all need to eat...

Leggings - A Outra Face da Lua  
Top - Zara
Earrings - H&M 
Shoes - Steve Madden 
*My favorite designers today were Alexandra Moura and Pedro Pedro.

Day 2 



Tiago close-up 



Filipe's hands

His skirt + my jacket

Max Adam from FashionFreax






A bit of Cruella and bit of Cinderela 


Luiz's shoes


José Castelo Branco

Inspire me bitch*

Where is all that glamour now? #1

Maria's shoes

Where is all that glamour now? # 2

Tiago's boots

Irina's earrings 

Irina posing 


Jacket - Vintage Dior
Dress - Urban Outfitter's 
Shoes - Steve Madden
Earrings - Ás de Espadas 
*My favorite designer today was V!TOR

Day 3 

Senhor Professor Francisco Pontes


Filipe dancing


Diário de Lisboa

Rui M Leal Photography

The shirt 


Amazing Irina

It tastes like you but sweeter

Luiz & VINTAGE fur

Maria & Matias rocking


Lux #2

Shirt - vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Cosmic Litas  Jeffrey Campbell
Pearl necklace - from Mom's
Earrings - from Denise 
* My favorite designers today were SAYMYNAME, Ricardo Andrez and Dawid Tomaszewski.

Day 4 + Final party






Ricardo's necklace 







Lola & Matias


We all need to rest...

Turns out the perfect stranger is actually a model


So like a 3 months pregnant mother  we must sadly say : see you in six months baby!

Jacket - Vintage from Search&Destroy
Shorts - Vintage
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag - Zara 
* My favorite designers today were Ricardo Dourado and...of course  Aleksandar Protic!
Party rocked!

(A big thank you Maria Meyer for some of the great pictures and the blog's cards )