My Fashion's Night Out...

I went to Dylan's Candy Bar and  rushed out to the subway hoping to get to Macy's in time to see Anna Dello Russo! I got into the subway and started seeing more people than usual, rushing more than usual... And dressed better than usual. I got distracted thinking about how my friends would love it when... Bummer! Wrong subway, wrong everything... I got lost and when I finally got to Macy's the only thing left of Anna Dello Russo was her perfume in the air and the chair she seated on. Alone and  defeated by the most complicated map on Earth the only thing left to do was shop,so I walked all the way up to Times Square. On the way I found the Fashion Walk of fame, The garment worker and some perfect strangers that was a pleasure to met.
And this my dear wasn't supposed to be fun, it was actually very very veeeery fun!

Perfect stranger # 1

Perfect stranger # 2

Perfect stranger # 3

Perfect stranger # 3's necklace

Urban Outfitters


Forever 21

Coffee & sugar ring

Wore the Urban Outfitters boots yesterday
 Dress - Zara
 Belt - H&M
 Boots - Urban Outfitters
 Earrings - Ás de espadas
 Bag - Gift from Elsa


Anna Silk said...

i loooved the photos, the shoes are crazy like hell candies*

the jewellery from Forever21 uber<3

new follower*



Patrícia Silvério said...