Are you an angel? - Dress

"- Are you an angel?
- Yes, I'm an angel.
- Sure you are, I can see your wings!
- Don't say it outloud, it's a secret..."
This was the very first conversation I had as soon as I left the building to start my vintage stores marathon.
"Angel", "Bride lost in the city" "Will you marry me?"
I heard it all and i loved it all. When I first saw this dress on a mannequin from Urban Outfitters thought it was a skirt but when I found out that the perfect skirt was actually a dress I went wild with desire... Because you don't really want an all see trough dress but the options to hide what is underneath are the real candy! Maybe a nude bodysuit, trashy denim shorts with a short top, colorful leggings or EVEN a pair of sexy granny panties... From all the options I chose to wear it with a trashy n' short white mini dress ( that in reality is just a XL cotton tee I cut off). Why? I have a blast creating layers and mixing different fabrics. I also wore it with black boots + mint earrings + colorful bag to give it a contrast and kill the all bridal idea.
What I wear and what I hear have a connection and influence each other in funny ways. So I hear Miss Kitten when wearing bad ass leggings, wear colorful and pop shirts when hearing Yelle, red lipstick when I'm listening to Dinah Washington or colorful bodysuits when I just want to jam with some 80's crazy shit. It is like listening to music visually and styling musically....
This is what I felt like hearing in this flowing dress:

                              The Cardigans- Carnival

And... Well I did some shopping



Store # 1


Black boots


I do have wings...on a belt.

Part of the view

Could-y Sky 


Perfect Stranger 

Store # 2

Store # 2  bottom 

Store # 2  wall

Store # 2  inside

Store # 3 perfect vest 

Store # 3 shoes

Store # 3 jewelry

Store # 3 mirror 

Store # 3 mannequin 

Store # 3 wallet  

Store # 3 gorgeous sweater 

Store # 4 gorgeous jack 

Store # 4 pink hat&pearl necklace 

Store # 5 clouds&cages

Lighted background
How can I be an Amber Rose wannabe without the right sunnies?  ( lol.)
P.s-No longer bite my nails

New white vintage shirt

New vintage Dior jack

New vintage vest

New reversible jack - denim 

New reversible jack - fur

New vintage black leather jack

New vintage black leather jack

Back of the dress 

Down the rabbit hole

...and in great vintage findings too.

Dress & Boots - Urban Outfitters
White mini dress - T-shirt stolen from Julio
Belt - H&M
Bag - L.A.M.B.
Earrings & sunnies - Vintage
Bracelet & Amber Rose low-cost sunnies - From the streets 
Watch - Timex
Ring - Forever 21


OLI said...

I would love been there to take u some photos! Ahhhh! great look ;) xoxo


PLAST!C said...

E gosto especialmente das que são a €1!ahah Quem me dera que em Portugal existissem lojas assim...

D♥R said...

Darling,chocolate whore,love ♥♥ You're Perfect! The dress "angelic" ! NYC simply amazing! The stores awesome! Dior vintage jacket kills me!

*(Do you believe I was like somehow fucking banned for fb)

Anyway Rock on Babz!


Movimento Moda said...

Adorei o look e o review das lojas. Nunca fui a N.Y., mas apetece-me sempre ir cada vez que me dão mais um vislumbre da cidade.

Maria BS said...

Hot stuff, gyal! A primeira fotografia em que estás com o black leather jacket está THE shit. Word.

Kisses, have fun!