Well New York for me is just like John Galliano for Dior - even if "they" say it's over,I will just keep on crying and hoping for more...
And even though it is impossible for Galliano to get back to Dior ( what makes me very sad ), it was possible for me to get back to NYC - the flight was delayed for a day!
BUT the delayed fligh isn't the only reason for the huuuuge smile on my face as I write this text. I suffer from a sindrome called "Shoes Adoption" and swear that if I had the needed capital I would be the Brangelia of shoes - all colors and shapes.
So to kill my final budget in New York, instead of walking around vintage stores I chose a much lazier way to shop - Nasty Gal! No need to think twice and ordered the cosmic litas... Why not? They needed a home and I  fill the 4 requirements to adopt a pair of dreamy shoes. Yes, there are requirements to adopt shoes because we don't want them closed and abandoned in the dust of a box full of sneakers...
#1 - Lots of love  to give
#2 - High heel walkability
#3 - Faith on a religion that trully believes I will be capable to walk around with them all day long and it won't hurt a bit
#4 - I f***ing need them!

After 2 days of intense waiting, here they are!

(Lazy pictures by euphoria's fault)

On my way to the airport

The box

Thank you, Nasty Gal 

Jeffrey's kittens



Cosmic & Orgasmic

Front view

End & Beginning 

Shoulder blanket - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Levi's
Top that you cannot see - Zara
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Cosmic Litas - Jeffrey Campbell at Nasty Gal


Are you an angel? - Dress

"- Are you an angel?
- Yes, I'm an angel.
- Sure you are, I can see your wings!
- Don't say it outloud, it's a secret..."
This was the very first conversation I had as soon as I left the building to start my vintage stores marathon.
"Angel", "Bride lost in the city" "Will you marry me?"
I heard it all and i loved it all. When I first saw this dress on a mannequin from Urban Outfitters thought it was a skirt but when I found out that the perfect skirt was actually a dress I went wild with desire... Because you don't really want an all see trough dress but the options to hide what is underneath are the real candy! Maybe a nude bodysuit, trashy denim shorts with a short top, colorful leggings or EVEN a pair of sexy granny panties... From all the options I chose to wear it with a trashy n' short white mini dress ( that in reality is just a XL cotton tee I cut off). Why? I have a blast creating layers and mixing different fabrics. I also wore it with black boots + mint earrings + colorful bag to give it a contrast and kill the all bridal idea.
What I wear and what I hear have a connection and influence each other in funny ways. So I hear Miss Kitten when wearing bad ass leggings, wear colorful and pop shirts when hearing Yelle, red lipstick when I'm listening to Dinah Washington or colorful bodysuits when I just want to jam with some 80's crazy shit. It is like listening to music visually and styling musically....
This is what I felt like hearing in this flowing dress:

                              The Cardigans- Carnival

And... Well I did some shopping



Store # 1


Black boots


I do have wings...on a belt.

Part of the view

Could-y Sky 


Perfect Stranger 

Store # 2

Store # 2  bottom 

Store # 2  wall

Store # 2  inside

Store # 3 perfect vest 

Store # 3 shoes

Store # 3 jewelry

Store # 3 mirror 

Store # 3 mannequin 

Store # 3 wallet  

Store # 3 gorgeous sweater 

Store # 4 gorgeous jack 

Store # 4 pink hat&pearl necklace 

Store # 5 clouds&cages

Lighted background
How can I be an Amber Rose wannabe without the right sunnies?  ( lol.)
P.s-No longer bite my nails

New white vintage shirt

New vintage Dior jack

New vintage vest

New reversible jack - denim 

New reversible jack - fur

New vintage black leather jack

New vintage black leather jack

Back of the dress 

Down the rabbit hole

...and in great vintage findings too.

Dress & Boots - Urban Outfitters
White mini dress - T-shirt stolen from Julio
Belt - H&M
Bag - L.A.M.B.
Earrings & sunnies - Vintage
Bracelet & Amber Rose low-cost sunnies - From the streets 
Watch - Timex
Ring - Forever 21


East Village, I love you.

Numa dessas noites dei por mim bastante aborrecida, porque sendo menor de 21 em N.Y.C a palavra "festa" nem existe. Claro que eles têm discotecas de sumos e refrigerantes para menores de idade, mas esse não é exactamente o tipo de lugar em que me vão encontrar, sorry... Eu tinha de sentir a cidade de maneiras diferentes, de ver os esquizos na rua e os bikers fucked up na estrada. Precisava da adrenalina que faz parte do meu código genético misturada com boas lojas vintage. Para aonde ir, para aonde ir? East Village... Porque não?
De repente eu pareço ter mais de 21 anos, bebo alguns copos, faço novos amigos, falo sobre a vida e sobre New York e sobre moda e sobre rapazes.. Os novos amigos tornaram-se amigos de longa data! Pessoas artísticas a passarem de um lado para o outro, punks a beberem nos passeios e lojas de segunda mão baratas. Foi fantástico e tive a dose de loucura que preciso para sobreviver... Até fiz um piercing (mas nao vou dizer aonde).
No meio dessa noite louca vi a montra de uma loja vintage, os meus joelhos ficaram fracos e assim que entrei eu reconheci! Eu senti, era a Search&Destroy! Um universo paralelo de lantejoulas, tachas e creepers de zebra misturados com pêlo artificial! Bonecas eróticas, esqueletos com mohawks, até o Donald McDonald estava lá! Fiz algumas compras e, graças a Deus, a minha máquina fotográfica estava lá...

One of these nights I found myself really bored, because of being under 21 in N.Y.C there isn't such thing as party. Off course they have those soda & juice under21 clubs but it isn't exactly  the kind of place you will find me, sorry... I had to feel the city in different ways, to see the schizos on the streets and the fucked up bikers on the road. I needed that adrenalin that is part of my genetic code mixed with great vintage stores. Where to go, where to go? East Village..why not?
Suddenly I look over 21, have a few drinks, make new friends, talk about life and New York and fashion and boys... The new friends turned into old times friends! Artistic people walking around, punks drinking on the sidewalks and cheap thrift stores. I had a blast and the craziness doses i need to survive... Even got pierced (won't tell where).
In the middle of this fuzzy night I saw a vintage store showcase, my knees got weak and as I got in I knew it! I felt it, it was Search&Destroy! A parallel universe of sequins, studs and zebra creepers combined with faux fur! Erotic dolls, skeletons wearing mohawks and even Donald McDonald was there! Did some shopping and thanks God my camera was there...

Biker jack - Material girl
T-shirt - Material girl
Shorts - Vintage
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Belt - H&M
Earrings - Ás de espadas
Sunnies - Vintage